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SOVA, in collaboration with ChildFund India, has been working for the betterment of the people of this tribal dominated Koraput district for the last 9 years. Proper sponsorship management has played a great role in keeping track of the physical presence of children, their participation in the programmes, their health and education status and the benefits they are getting out of the conducted programmes. To ensure that all the children, their families and community are being benefited out of the project, we have categorized all our enrolled children into three stages as per their age.  They are 0 to 5 years (infants) and our aim is to see that the infants are healthy and secured, 6 to 14 years (children) should be educated and confident, 15 to 24 years (youths) should be skilled and involved.  Another great important aspect of this project is that most sponsors are sending a special money gift called “Designated Fund Certificate” (DFC) for the children which have been of great use to the children and their families as well. Such monetary gift has brought a remarkable and sustainable transformation in the living condition of the children and their families.

A child named Jambubati Jani of Umuri village under Koraput Block is one of the luckiest girls who has been able to continue her studies and side by side her family income has also increased as she has been receiving gift money regularly from her sponsor. Another child named Gori Guntha of Narjipu village under Lamtaput Block has also improved a lot as her sponsor has been providing her consistent financial support. Punai Khemudu of Legisuku village, block-Lamtaput, is also a lucky girl as there has been a tremendous change in the life of her and her family due to continuous financial support by her sponsor. There are many more children and families whose lot have changed due to constant patronage of the kindhearted and altruistic sponsors.

Our thrust areas of the project are Health, education and livelihood. Longer projects with larger budgets are being implemented to bring overall development of the children, family and community. Various programmes being conducted in the areas we operate are:

  •       Maternal child health and Nutrition
  •       Early childhood development
  •       Management of childhood illness
  •       Child-friendly school
  •       Alternative basic education
  •       Participatory school governance
  •       Livelihood education and training
  •       Reproductive Health and education
  •       Youth social engagement and leadership

We have created awareness among the people of the rural pockets of this tribal belt through disseminating information on safe motherhood, pre-post natal care, nutrition required, regular immunization, promoting exclusive breast feeding and institutional delivery. So far the impact of the programmes we are conducting in the rural areas is such that there has been  tremendous decline in the rates of malnutrition, undernourishment, migration, child labour, early age marriage, consumption of intoxicants, unemployment, drop out children, maternal and child mortality and illiteracy.  Our sincere and dedicated approach along with community participation to create a healthy and self-reliant society for the deprived, excluded and vulnerable children and their families through child-centered development initiatives will go on till the targeted holistic development is achieved.


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