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Child Club

strong>Goal: To make the dream for the village a reality through children’s club.


  • To provide a platform to children to express their views themselves
  • To increase the participation of children in village works, especially in education and health
  • To enhance the skills of the children in identifying, recognizing, reporting and addressing the issues affecting them
  • To inculcate a sense of citizenship among the children


  • Motivating children to attend school regularly
  • Identifying issues and prepare of action plan to address it at right platform (SMC, VDC and Gram Sabha)
  • Supporting to strengthen schools
  • Organizing regular child club meetings at village level with proper maintain of minutes register
  • Creating awareness in community through Puppet Shows, rallies on stop of child labor & child marriage, enrolment and retention campaign
  • Motivating children to attend regular RIP centers for improve in learning level
  • Capacity building and skill development programs on Child Rights, Protection, Participation, leadership, communication and script writing
  • Organizing different competition to identify the hidden talents (drawing, essay, debate, quiz and script writing at Community Radio Station)


  • Respect of the children has increased in the community and their voices are taken seriously
  • Increased resilience of the children to adjust to any adverse situation
  • Teachers, parents and other stakeholders realized their responsibility when children in group raised the voice
  • Children of one decade back those participating at village developmental activities have now grown up and became responsible citizens, contributing positively for the community
  • Leadership quality has developed among the children
  • Reduce dropouts and increased retention level at schools of operational villages
  • Girl child are continuing their higher studies keeping away from early marriage proposal
  • This strategy is the most cost effective and can easily be replicated in any situation and at any part

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