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Learning Improvement plan

What is LIP:
It stands for writing and reading improvement plan(LIP). This is a plan seeks to enhance writing and reading skills of students of class 2nd to 5th who are slow learners or school drop outs .This approach is an effective and sustainable approach to increase reading and writing skills.


This is taught through 34 cards especially prepared for teaching in LIP centers. The cards consist of different words. It can be divided into three sets of groups. (1) consisting of oriya alphabets with out having any (plain letters ) (2)consisting of words with simple matra ( strokes) (3) words with complex matras than sentence cards are developed using simple alphabets, alphabets with simple matras ,and sentences with plain alphabet ,sentence with simple strokes sentence with complex matras( strokes) and similarly story card are develop in same sequences using simple alphabets ,words with simple matras and words with complex matras.

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