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We accept college volunteer fellows to conduct studies on specific issues pertaining to our work as well as broader social issues. Fellows are provided modest facilities along with honorariums and most fellowships last between one weekand one month. These kinds of collaborative efforts help us continue to improve our programs and strategies.Interns from various colleges and universities add value to our work and team members. Interns not only bring in new ideas and perspectives but also act as our ambassadors to the external world,spreading our philosophy and commitment. We invite universities and other institutions to consider us for student placements and internships.
We also welcome volunteers from different states in India and abroad. Over the years, many people have offered their services to work with us for short periods of time.Volunteers are provided food, accommodation, travel and an open environment that encourages them to join in our day-to-day activities.
Give your support for social transformation…Start wherever you are to spread the message. We need to break the culture of silence. We can send you materials such as films, posters, flyers etc for your discussion group.Spread the message to your family, friends, relatives, colleagues,acquaintances through informal discussions and lecture sessions.If you are a part of any social networking sites such as face book, twitter etc do start communities to support the cause. You can use our website to raise awareness. Support us with your professional skills such as documentation, financial management, governance,marketing,teaching, computers, web designing, photo documentation, and legal aid to further our cause.Help us design posters, flyers, brochures to enrich our tool kit on health, education,livelihood and governance. Give us your time (only make it consistent) and visit our shelters to teach our children, girls and women life skills such as leadership, conflict resolution, anger management, coping with changing life situations etc.Be a part of our special programs such as national or international conference/consultation as a translator, documentation expert,facilitator or even an observer.Be a long term volunteer/intern (at least for 2 yrs) and contribute your skills, talents and perspectives to strengthen all the interventions.

Donate to the cause on your birthdays and anniversaries.
Be a SOVA volunteer to collect signatures against corporal punishment/child labour /child abuse or our specific campaigns.Talk to friends and convince them to join the fight against child marriage/child migration/child abuse.If you are interested in a volunteer position or career with us, please send us a cover letter and CV at

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